Talent Assessment

Beating bias in recruitment through the power of psychology and data

Diversity and inclusion is a vital part of any modern workplace. But it’s not always easy to get right. That’s why Morgan Hunt support you with a unique talent assessment tool which will enable you to identify talent more effectively.

By using psychometric tools, employers are better equipped to decide whether a candidate has the skills and personality traits for the job.

Hiring managers can no longer rely on their intuition when it comes to recruitment decisions, as this can lead to unconscious bias that is detrimental to the recruitment process. Morgan Hunt Talent Assessment, powered by Thomas International, will enable you to decide objectively which candidates are the best fit for your organisation.

Benefits of Morgan Hunt Talent Assessment

Identify the most suitable psychometric tools

Select the most relevant aptitude tests

Measure behaviour, aptitude, personality & EI

Improve candidate experience

Reduce unconscious bias in decision-making

Ensure the recruitment process is fair

How it works

Morgan Hunt has partnered with Thomas International to give you access to their assessment platform. By harnessing the power of psychology, you can now make better recruitment and development decisions.

Our recruitment consultants will work with you to identify the most appropriate talent assessment tools for both your organisation and the roles you are recruiting for.

As part of the recruitment campaign, we will support potential candidates throughout the process, and give you post-assessment feedback on areas including:

  • Behaviour
  • Aptitude
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Our consultants are trained to interpret test results and integrate them into your recruitment strategies. Along with our advice, this will enable you to identify and hire candidates with high potential.

Find out more

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