Education Recruitment

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The education recruitment agency with a difference

At Morgan Hunt, we are passionate about recruitment in the education sector. We understand the challenges of finding the right lecturer or teaching assistant to help with your students, and we know that you need a reliable further education recruitment agency that can deliver what you need when you need it. That's why we're here for you.

Our education division has been a market leader in further education and academic recruitment since 2004 and have helped many colleges and universities find the right staff members for their needs. The team has over 100 years of combined recruitment experience in the education sector, so you know you're in good hands. 

We specialise in attracting and recruiting staff for further education colleges, sixth form colleges, private education providers and charities across the country.

If you're looking for a recruitment agency in the education sector, look no further than us!

We're an education recruitment agency that inspires working lives. Our education and teaching recruitment agency has a values driven approach which sets us apart from other further education recruitment agencies. Start your journey with recruitment in education today.
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What we do

We use both our extensive national network of candidates, alongside search and selection techniques, to identify and hire the best possible candidates for a range of education roles.

Many of our further education recruitment consultants have worked within the education sector. It makes all the difference when it comes to understanding our clients' needs. We know the nuances and specific challenges of the organisations we work with, and we use this knowledge to find the hard-to-reach specialists who will help you provide the best possible outcomes for your students.

We're a teaching recruitment agency that inspires working lives. Our academic recruitment agency has a values driven approach which sets us apart from other further education recruitment agencies. Start your journey with recruitment in education today.

What is Education Recruitment?

Education recruitment is the process of finding qualified individuals to fill positions at schools and universities. Recruiters work with hiring managers to identify the skills and experience needed for a job opening. They then find suitable candidates, usually through online job postings or social media sites like LinkedIn. Next, they assess whether those candidates meet the requirements for the position and offer them interviews with hiring managers.

The goal of education recruitment agencies is to help students and faculty find jobs that are both satisfying and financially rewarding. They also aim to ensure that educational institutions maintain their reputations by hiring only qualified applicants.

Our education recruitment consultants specialise in:

  • Lecturers
  • Learning support assistants and SLDD staff
  • Careers advisors & student services
  • Principals & CEOs
  • Deputy & Vice Principals
  • MIS, funding, data and student service specialists
  • Apprenticeship, sales and work based
    learning directors
  • Curriculum leaders & managers
  • Faculty directors
  • Functional directors (including HR, finance, procurement and marketing)
  • Heads of academic and vocational departments
  • Specialist interim consultants

This list isn't exhaustive, and because of our long and varied experience we're able to advise on many areas of education recruitment.

So, if you'd like to talk to education specialist recruiters who truly understand your challenges, get in touch today.