Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy

Here at Morgan Hunt, creating an inspiring and inclusive culture is key to our mission of inspiring working lives. It's not enough to hire people of different races, genders and sexual orientations – every employee needs to feel like they are welcome, safe and free to be themselves at work. Studies show diversity makes an organisation more innovative, productive and successful.

According to McKinsey, businesses with diverse workforces are up to 35% more likely to outperform their competitors. So it’s vital that organisations have access to the best diverse talent. Nowadays, those employers embracing diversity are better at attracting and retaining top talent. Diversity is an important issue for any modern business. And it all starts with recruitment.

We have many ways in which we support clients with their D&I development. Based on our recruitment experience and additional research, we have developed a number of services and products to assist with your hiring. These enable you to turn D&I into an improved employee experience and provide a strategic advantage for your organisation. Here are the ways we help.

Our Products

Recruitment Partnership

Employers recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce but attracting a diverse range of candidates can be challenging. Morgan Hunt helps organisations hire both interim and permanent D&I professionals who have the expert knowledge to develop hiring strategies that appeal to candidates from varied backgrounds. Every day we help employers accelerate their diversity and gain competitive advantage through recruitment.

D&I reviews

Trying to overhaul your diversity hiring metrics can be overwhelming. At Morgan Hunt we will conduct in-depth inclusion audits and hold regular D&I reviews. It is during these dedicated sessions that we will be able to select one metric at a time to improve your diversity hiring. This could be anything from increasing the percentage of females in management roles or increasing BAME applications for graduate schemes.

Employer branded careers site

A website specifically for your company recruitment is a useful tool. Morgan Hunt will give you access to your own careers microsite that can be used to showcase your commitment to a diverse workforce and provide compelling, relevant content to candidates. For example, you can highlight various groups or policies within your company that benefit a diverse workforce. Use inclusive language and imagery to attract more a variety of candidates.

Talent assessment

Securing the most talented professionals requires employers to take on a new, innovative approach to access more diverse talent pools. We can even look at alternative approaches such as assessing CVs blind (removing information on gender, name, education etc.) before sending them on to our clients. Whichever methods are selected Morgan Hunt will assess and monitor applications to help you reduce unconscious bias in your decision making.

D&I learning

Morgan Hunt want to enable organisations to take a more joined up strategic approach to diversity learning. Your hiring managers need to understand the nuances of recruiting for cultural fit to positively impact employee engagement and retention. As a result, we will support learning and development by providing coaching and training around inclusive leadership, developing cultural understanding and reducing bias in recruitment. All delivered by specialist trainers and coaches. We also provide free training through webinars with expert speakers. 

Our D&I partners

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