Employer Branded Careers Site

Every day, we connect organisations with exceptional candidates. We understand your recruitment challenges and that is why Morgan Hunt work with clients to enhance their employer branding to hire the best and diverse talent available.

Now more than ever, candidates want an actual insight into what it is like to work for your organisation. In addition to researching employee online reviews on places such as Glassdoor, candidates are increasingly looking at your additional insights about your business.

How to find the right person for your organisation is an important decision. It depends on the way you attract, select and interview candidates. Our specially designed employer packages are created to bring you talent quickly and cost-effectively.

Benefits of an Employer Branded Careers Site


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A dedicated careers site

When making a decision on where to apply for a job, 95% of job seekers say the reputation of a company as an employer is important. One of the most visible employer brand assets is your careers page or careers website. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your company culture; showcasing your brand, employee profiles, staff benefits, video content alongside easily searchable job opportunities. That is why Morgan Hunt will build and design a bespoke careers website for your organisation.

A dedicated careers website will show prospective candidates that your organisation is growing. That it is evolving. And, constantly recruiting. It will enable you to attract the best quality candidates in a cost-effective way. Well-designed, detailed careers pages enable you to stand out from competitors. They show why you’re great to work for.

Be the employer of choice

Finding top quality talent can be a challenge. Companies need to work harder to make themselves an authentic employer of choice.

An employer of choice is a company that candidates want to work for. Some of the defining characteristics of employers of choice are strong leadership, competitive pay, a good range of benefits, engaged employers, meaningful work, and an attractive company culture that is both diverse and inclusive.

A positive employer brand is critical. Without one, hiring and retaining the best employees is challenging and costly. With 95% of candidates identifying an organisation’s reputation as a key consideration when exploring new career opportunities, a dedicated careers website enables candidates to find out about the organisation, culture and benefits.

Hire the best diverse talent

Countless studies show diversity makes an organisation more innovative, productive and successful overall. It is therefore vital that organisations now, more than ever, have access to the best diverse talent. Workplace diversity is a top priority for employers. Candidates expect employers to be both diverse and inclusive. Today, candidates have company information at their fingertips, from salary and benefits, to diversity and inclusion initiatives, meaning that strong employer brand-embracing diversity and inclusion is vital.

Showcase a diverse and inclusive workforce on your dedicated careers website. Creating a sense of belonging and ‘people like me’ as an inclusivity culture is helpful. Case studies of senior management, employees and new starters from diverse backgrounds help attract candidates and enable you to recruit the best diverse talent.

Increase brand awareness

A dedicated careers webpage increases your brand awareness. Some candidates might be aware of your organisation. For others you might be completely new to them. A bespoke career website is great for employer brand awareness. You can use blogs from senior leadership, provide engaging video content and new-starter profiles to convince candidates that you’re the best employer for them. A bespoke website with your logo and branding acts as a showcase page for your company culture, values and objectives as a workplace, keeping it separate from your consumer brand and helping the candidate experience. It is an opportunity to highlight diversity and inclusion initiatives as well as employee benefits which candidates may not otherwise know about.

Unlimited vacancy ads

Our employer packages enable clients to benefit from an unlimited number of job adverts. As part of the service, we ensure that job adverts are clear, well-written, and inclusive. As well as including a job description, the role responsibilities and a breakdown of the kind of individual that would be successful, we will ensure that a job advert includes information about your organisation, what you stand for and how you create an environment in which your employees can flourish. This will enable your job adverts to attract the right candidates to your role.

Digital marketing support

We see the most success with digital recruitment campaigns. Because it’s where most people are spending their time. How your organisation is perceived is important in this digital age. It is likely that your marketing team have little time to support recruitment marketing. This is where Morgan Hunt come in.

Our trusted team provide digital marketing support for all marketing campaigns. They ensure the job adverts are fully optimised for SEO and distribute ads through the correct channels. They will promote on social media as and when required. They run analytics and reports on campaigns to ensure that your recruitment campaigns are getting the results you need to make successful hires. More importantly, you can directly track the results, so you know your recruitment marketing campaign is effective. 

Reduced recruitment costs

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have made significant adjustments to their usual operations. A lot have had to reduce costs in areas including recruitment.

Our employer packages, which include a dedicated careers website, unlimited job adverts, and digital support, provide good value for money. From temporary quick turnaround of staff recruitment to permanent recruitment to a managed service model, our packages and subscription services ensure that organisations benefit from reduced recruitment costs whilst not compromising on service. Reducing hiring spend is a great thing, don’t you agree?

Promote D&l Commitment

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) has never been more of a priority in the workplace than it is today. Don’t you agree? A strong diversity and inclusion strategy can help your organisation attract top talent and drive innovative results. After all, today’s job candidates demand workplace diversity and at Morgan Hunt we know that an employer’s commitment to diversity and inclusion can be a factor in deciding whether a candidate accepts a job offer.

Your dedicated careers website enables you to promote your commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality. It is here that you can showcase examples of diversity and inclusion which cover elements including age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation as well as seen and unseen disabilities. 

Our Packages

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Branded job adverts
Application processing
Interviews & selection
Advert inclusiveness review
Unlimited careers site vacancies
Diversity & inclusion reporting
Monthly reporting
Dedicated recruitment specialist
Job adverts (leading job boards)
Sourcing & attraction
Bespoke careers website
Featured employer job adverts
Email marketing
Social media marketing
Campaign plan & management
Annual strategic review
Video job adverts

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